Benefits of Training with Physique

My role as a Personal Trainer is to plan and instruct safe and effective exercise for the general population. I will be able to demonstrate a higher knowledge and skill base that enables me to tailor exercise programmes specific to an individual’s needs. I am proficient in client assessments, programming, goal setting, and record keeping and able to adapt exercises when necessary.

At Physique Personal Training I use exercise science and modern training methods to design, instruct and educate clients in order to achieve specific and measurable goals.

A personal Trainer should be:

  • Committed – Full commitment to sessions/achieving client’s goals required, even if it means training early or referring them to other health professionals.
  • Organised – Planned/periodised programme overview and session cards should be available to the trainer prior to the session and client if requested.
  • Patience – When a client finds learning a new skill challenging the PT must be patient and help the client to understand/achieve there desired goal.
  • Communication – constant communication, use simple terminology, on progress in relation to goals along with scheduled training days and times.
  • Sense Of Humour – Make sessions enjoyable and fun for the client.
  • Honesty – Be honest about progression during the programmed and notify the client when barriers and problems arise that may effect when goals are achieved.
  • Professional – Always act in a manner that reflects knowledge, understanding and best industry practice.
  • Good motivator – Being able to motive a client when they do not necessarily want o be at the gym.


Advantages of being Personal Trained

There are a number of benefits of working with a personal trainer. Understanding the advantages helps clients appreciate the value of their investment in training with a PT. Personal trainers are used by people of all ages, fitness levels and economic backgrounds as they provide a number of benefits including –

  • Advanced exercise and fitness knowledge and experience
  • Demonstrations and teaching points to correct movements and techniques
  • Advanced periodization and programme design
  • Increased motivation, leading to exercise adherence
  • Reducing the risk of injury associated with training as the programme is individualised
  • Anaccuate record of training status and client information
  • Goals can be achieved more quickly and effectively
  • Specialist advice on training
  • Method of incorporating fitness into an everyday regime
  • Provide links with other health professionals (i.e. Physiotherapist and dieticians)
  • Supplement advice
  • Fitness Testing and consultations
  • Basic nutritional advice
  • Session feedback
  • Able to provide a service around your everyday life (i.e. Early mornings)
  • 1 to 1 Service
  • Group training (You and a friend) 1 to 2.
  • Classes
  • Personal training sessions can be tailored specifically to suit those who have special fitness needs, for example:
  • Those recovering from a major illness such as a heart attack or stroke
  • People who have limited or no mobility in some or all joints
  • People who are clinically obese or who have never exercised
  • Pre or Post-Natal women who would like the reassurance of one to one care (If the trainer is qualified to do so.)


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