Registered Exercise Professional (REPs), PERSONAL TRAINER AND GYM INSTRUCTOR.

Welcome to Physique Personal Training. My name is Lewys Canton, I have  recently qualified as a PT in Pembrokeshire, I aim to use my qualification and sporting background to provide people with the essential building blocks so that they are able to live an active and health life. Here at Physique Personal Training you will be able to find all the information required to becoming more physically active. So whether you are looking for exercise classes,  or looking to engage in One to One Personal Training sessions, Physique Personal Training is the Place for you.

My role as a Personal Trainer is to plan and instruct safe and effective exercise for the general population. I will be able to demonstrate a higher knowledge and skill base that enables me to tailor exercise programmes specific to an individual’s needs. I am proficient in client assessments, programming, goal setting, and record keeping and able to adapt exercises when necessary.

At Physique Personal Training I use exercise science and modern training methods to design, instruct and educate clients in order to achieve specific and measurable goals.


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